Our Goal for the VITAlity Festival is Ambitious! We Want to Inspire 10,000+ Frontline Workers & Anyone Craving Time Out...

70+ Health & Wellness Experts and Entertainers donate their time & expertise over 9 days.

We invite all frontline workers and everyone around the world who would love to join us for this inspirational, free virtual festival. Join us for an hour, a day or for the entire event. The VITAlity Festival starts on October 31st and ends on November 8, 2020. A free event recording will be sent to you after the event concludes.

In every act of kindness lies a beacon of hope & inspiration — Tanya Levy & Vikki Friedman

About the VITAlity Festival

In August 2020, our Co-Founders Tanya Levy & Vikki Friedman had a completely audacious & ambitious idea. To bring the world’s most forward-thinking health & wellness experts together to support stressed, confused and lonely frontline workers—in the 9-day virtual VITAlity Festival.

Think Covid Cool-Aid, only virtual (and without the drama and stress of long, exhausting shift work).

With increasing numbers of frontline workers battling with isolation, depression, anxiety, uncertainty & stress thanks to COVID-19…

This festival is a place where our forgotten community heroes can engage with experts around the world and be inspired, nurtured and empowered during this challenging time.

Register for Free

Click the button below to get free access. Classes will be streamed to your device via Zoom. As a registered user you'll be able to attend any of the live classes and lessons during the entire 9-Day VITAlity Festival and also receive a recording of the entire festival once we've wrapped up and caught our collective breaths.

What People Say About the VITAlity Festival...

A Message from Josh Frydenberg - MP & Treasurer of Australia

A Message from Dr Emma O'Brien PhD OAM, Head of RMH Music Therapy & RMH Scrub Choir

“Taking time out to rejuvenate, to let go, and to self nurture has never been so important. We have all had a roller-coaster ride in healthcare and even the smallest moments of relief can help us through.

RMH Scrub Choir is all about those small moments of joy to sustain us; and about the power of music to support and connect us. I’m looking forward to connecting with my RMH music therapy team and taking some much needed time to refresh.”

Dr Emma O’Brien PhD OAM
Head of RMH Music Therapy & RMH Scrub Choir

Meet Our Speakers

We've assembled 70+ of the world's foremost experts in the health & wellness and entertainment industries as class facilitators

Braith Bamkin

Braith Bamkin

Class Topic: Breathing and Laughter

Benefits of Attending: 

Learn 3 styles of breathing to assist you in your daily workplace or home challenges.

Coffee breathing – helps energise you and maintain alertness.

Water breathing – brings your body into a state of equilibrium.

Whiskey breathing – evokes a state of relaxation.


Renee Giarrusso

Class Topic: Renew Habits to Reenergise and Refocus

Benefits of Attending: 

Walk away with a better understanding of the habits that play out in your life.

Reflect on the habits that serve you in each of the 8 areas of the self-leadership wheel.

Gain new insights and an actionable plan so you can be in a better service to
yourself and those around you.


Zamil Chowdhury

Class Topic: Experience Strength and Hope in the Face of Adversity

Benefits of Attending: 

Hear Zamil’s experience through some of life’s major challenges.

Discover the strength and resilience it takes to get through.

Understand the concepts of Hope, Faith, Love and Courage.


Mary Jensen

Class Topic: What Switched the Bitch – How our Thinking Creates our World

Benefits of Attending: 

Change your thinking, change your life.

What you believe is what you get.

You can create an incredible life.


Dr. Marc Cohen

Class Topic: Extreme Wellness: How to Find Extreme Comfort in Any Situation

Benefits of Attending: 

Receive simple practical solutions for relaxing on demand & emotional first aid tools to switch from fight and flight to rest and digest.

Learn simple, low-cost lifestyle practices that will help you cultivate physiological & psychological resilience.

Find the fun and reveal the gift in any situation.


Diana Nguyen

Class Topic: Courage in your JOY!

Benefits of Attending: 

Rediscover your Joy!

Let your body bring your laughter!

Be a JoyFool!


Dr. Arne Rubinstein

Class Topic: Thriving Not Just Surviving During COVID

Benefits of Attending: 

Understanding how this period is a Rite of Passage.

Finding the opportunities for growth.

Building stronger interpersonal relationships.


Marike Knight

Class Topic: Avoiding Burnout – From Surviving to Thriving

Benefits of Attending: 

Learn the top three emergency hacks to find more balance throughout the day.

Walk away with a felt experience of the practices and understand how to implement them in your everyday life. 

Explore your Burn Out Quiz results, to ask questions and receive support.


Simon Madden

Class Topic: 5 Steps to Building Mental Health Resilience

Benefits of Attending: 

Simple and straightforward tools to build resilience.

Each of the 5 steps are based on research.

Teaches you how you can build up your mental health resilience.


Rosi Pletzer

Class Topic: Creating Balance Amidst Chaos

Benefits of Attending: 

Create inner peace, even when external reality is chaotic.

Respond to external chaos with logic, reason and compassion.

Leave the chaos at the end of the shift and create some at home harmony.


Ronnie Hampel

Class Topic: Find the Source of and Ease your Muscular/Joint Pain

Benefits of Attending: 

Gain an understanding as to why your muscles and joints are sore, so that you no longer get held back by the pain that currently stops you participating in your favourite activities. 

Equip yourself with a variety of techniques that will help empower you to reclaim your best self. 

Preferred requirements to attend session: Pen and paper + Tennis, spikey, golf or any other type of ball that can be used to roll on + Foam roller (not essential if a ball is used) + 2 x beach towels (if roller is not possible) + TheraBands if available (not essential)


Victor Perton

Class Topic:Optimism Your Superpower: The Why and the How

Benefits of Attending: 

Learn the science and take away habits of optimism.

Share your optimism.

Surround yourselves with optimists.

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