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We facilitate specialised holistic corporate retreats featuring wellness, conscious communication and mindful leadership strategies to produce powerful and productive leaders and teams.

Elevated Performance Retreats

Our Retreats are Designed to Optimise Your Major Assets — You and Your Team!

We focus on building:

Thriving Workplaces

Enhanced Productivity

Mindful Leadership 

Aligned Communication & Connection

Our retreat packages are customisable

the stats are sobering!

Employee turnover costs & mental health in corporate Australia

cost of average hire/year for a new employee
average cost of hiring an executive employee
B $
spent on mental health-related services in 2018–19
of employees were disengaged on the job

Are you ready to prioritise employee health & wellbeing?

Are you ready to prioritise employee health & wellbeing?

Workplace wellbeing programs result in a 25% decrease in absenteeism and a 41% decrease in workers compensation costs, which represents a $5.81 saving for every $1 invested.

Would you like to outperform your competitors?

Would you like to outperform your competitors?

Organisations with high levels of employee wellbeing, have outperformed the stock market by around 2%-3% per year over a 25 year period.

Are you ready to maximise profitability?

Are you ready to maximise profitability?

FTSE 100 companies demonstrating best practice in employee health and wellbeing show a higher than average shareholder return – 61% instead of 51%.

Happy and healthy employees result in higher productivity and maximised profits!

Why Holistic Corporate Retreats?

Investing in the WHOLE person will ELEVATE your business

There are so many benefits to taking your staff away on retreat…

Our specialist retreat team offers a broad range of skills and experience to help elevate your business and give you and your team the tools to succeed.

As a result, your company will enjoy increased team synergy, lower stress levels, better work-life balance, stronger leadership & corporate culture and an irresistible edge in the marketplace.

Your staff will learn how to:

team synergy

facilitate workplace synergy

Discover how to re-build rapport & team synergy, re-establish connections and strong communication both within the workplace and with your customers. Foster and develop further opportunities for optimal relationship marketing.

corporate culture

strengthen corporate culture

Through enhanced connectivity, relationships and shared experiences, your staff will understand each other better. This will create alignment with and enthusiasm for your corporate vision.

build the dream team

Your greatest business asset is your staff. Investing in your team will build loyalty and motivation. Create your dream team that works to its fullest potential so that you get the best results for your each person and the company.

Reduce Stress

By creating positive habits to reduce stress in the workplace and at home, your employees will be happier, healthier, more present and focused at work. A stress-free work environment promotes an open, creative work environment.

work-life balance

balance work-life

Learn to create a realistic work-life balance by looking at each person holistically and encouraging them to build healthy habits. The healthier the team, the less sick days are taken, increasing focus and concentration on the job.

leadership development in corporate australia

develop strong leadership

Improve leadership skills through mindful education and strategies. The focus is on collaboration—not competition. Mindful leaders understand the needs, wants and motivations of each team member, inspiring them to perform at their highest potential.


Meet your retreat hosts—The Fab 5

We are known as ‘The Fab 5’!

We have joined forces with a common passion, drive and vision to inspire businesses to embrace a holistic corporate culture.

We offer a unique blend of corporate and wellbeing experience and wisdom.

As a team, we bring decades of corporate leadership, public speaking, communication, team building, sales, and wellness expertise to the table. 

We have over 25 years of retreat organisation and facilitation experience and are passionate about making sure that all our guests feel safe, valued, connected and supported.  

We’re confident that you and your team will love their retreat experience and will benefit from a wide range of both personal and professional development.

alan stevens

Alan Stevens

Alan Stevens is an International Profiling and Communications Specialist regularly featured on National TV, Radio and in the World’s Press, profiling the likes of our leading politicians, TV and sports stars as well as Britain’s Royalty. 

He’s been referred to by the UK Guardian as the leading authority on reading people, globally and the mentalist meets Dr Phil by the Herald. 

Alan has worked with international clients, the likes of Disney Films and Gillette, and high-profile organisations like the Australian Federal Police to help them to understand how people tick. 

Alan works with business owners and executives, helping them to understand and engage their clients and prospects, enhancing their presentations and negotiation skills. 

And with parents and teachers to help them enhance the ability of their children to reach their full potential while improving the experience of parents, teacher and student.

simon madden

Simon Madden

Simon Madden knows about success. Initially an educator he also played 378 games with the Essendon Football Club after making his debut at just 16 years of age. Simon captained the club, won four Best and Fairests, played in two Premierships and won a Norm Smith Medal. He is a member of the AFL Hall of Fame and the Essendon Hall of Fame.

After finishing his playing career, he moved into the dynamic world of business and in sales and management roles successfully dealt with many large corporations and government bodies.

Now a Director of the Essendon Football Club, he is not content to just be involved in elite sport. He has continued to build his professional skills in business, media and high-performance people development.

Simon has a wealth of business experience in sales, marketing, media and information technology and now consults into organisations on “Sustainable High Performance” – how to “GET GOOD and STAY GOOD”.

Driven by his underlying belief that if you improve your people you improve your business, Simon is an engaging and entertaining speaker, presenter and facilitator and has people changing their views on what it takes to be successful. 

kevin kosky

Kevin Kosky

Kevin Kosky is a communications skills expert, and an award winning speaker. He has delivered keynotes and workshops extensively throughout Australia.

With a background in the entertainment industry, Kevin’s sessions are lively and entertaining, and he has gained the reputation of being the “enterTrainer”.

Some of the industries Kevin has worked within include: Hospitality, Self Storage, the Wedding and Function Industry, Grass Turf, Garden & Nursery, Insurance, Building industry and Government Departments.

His areas of expertise are: sales, presentation skills, customer service, team dynamics and business improvement.

Kevin’s core offerings include:

  • Contextualised industry based sales training
  • Presentation and public speaking training
  • DISC profiling (personality profiling)
  • Customer service training
  • Mystery shopping
  • Leadership and supervision skills training
  • Online reputation reports
Tanya Levy

Tanya Levy: Co-Founder VITA VIBE Events™, Founder In Purpose, Director MeTreat Retreats

Tanya Levy is an experienced health and wellness powerhouse. Passionate about inspiring others to lead a limitless and purposeful life, Tanya educates, empowers and inspires people to become the best version of themselves. 

Tanya’s career started in marketing and corporate events management for Coles Myer. During this time Tanya also began a journey into the healing arts and experienced a calling  to uncover a greater meaning for life.

Tanya has been studying and teaching yoga and meditation for 27 years. She also runs international and national wellness retreats, facilitates intuitive healing sessions and is a positive mindset coach. Tanya has become an expert in stress management and regularly delivers workshops to corporate clients and online global events on how to create positive habits in support of a healthy work-life balance.

In 2019, Tanya joined Vikki Friedman in running a women’s wellness retreat company MeTreat Retreats.

Vikki Friedman: Co-Founder VITA VIBE Events™, Founder MeTreat Retreats

Vikki Friedman is a passionate mental health and self-care advocate.

Vikki has worked in many organisational and marketing roles during her career which has covered industries including business publishing, dispute resolution, university administration and online fundraising.

In 2018 Vikki founded MeTreat Retreats. 

She started the business following a long and difficult history with anxiety and depression. 

Once Vikki recovered, she made a promise to herself to attend a retreat every year as part of regular self-care and prevention of relapse. 

In 2018 Vikki created her own women’s retreat company MeTreat Retreats which focuses on wellness, friendship and fun.

In 2020, Tanya and Vikki were seeking a way to help those who were facing immense stress and overwhelm due to the COVID pandemic. With their combined wealth of knowledge and contacts in the health and wellness arena, significant event facilitation skills and a desire to ‘give back’ to frontline workers, Vikki & Tanya formed VITA VIBE Events™ and ran a free 9-day online health & wellbeing event – the VITAlity Festival™ for Frontliners. In only a few months they managed to assemble 70+ exceptional presenters who shared their wisdom and expertise online with thousands of participants from over 30 countries worldwide.

In 2021 Tanya and Vikki co-created Elevated Performance Retreats under the VITA VIBE Events™ brand to utilise their combined expertise to offer bespoke holistic corporate retreats. They both passionately believe that a holistic approach is vital in ensuring that companies and their employees thrive both personally and professionally in the post-COVID world.

Elevated Performance Retreats

Elevated Performance Retreats Packages

We offer bespoke retreats which can be customised and priced to suit your company’s needs.

We offer a wide range of luxury conference venues in regional Victoria to satisfy your group size and budget requirements.

We offer 3 corporate retreat types: 

The Ultimate Corporate Retreat – 5 days, 4 nights

The Elevated Corporate Retreat – 4 days, 3 nights

The Immersion Corporate Retreat – 4 days, 3 nights

All our retreats feature a core program which offers a combination of wellness activities, business education, team building and so much more….

Discover what each retreat type can do for you & your team...

Enjoy better communication, mindful leadership & productive teams!

Take the next step today!

If you’re interested in finding out how we can create and deliver an incredible holistic retreat experience for you and your team, please take the next step and get in touch. We’d love to talk to you to demonstrate how we can create a bespoke corporate retreat experience that will elevate your company’s wellbeing and productivity.


“Alan Stevens, my heart cannot express my gratitude for you. Once again you showed up for the masterclass that we put on today with 30 attendees. Alan – WOW! I think everyone’s heads are still spinning. You profiled everyone and the engagement was just next level, and everyone got a lot out of it. I just wanted to say thank you.”

James Short, CEO and Head Trainer, Goals Tribe

“I was the convener and master of ceremonies at the Institute of Management Consultants, national conference. One of our speakers was Alan Stevens, who taught our members fascinating facts about how to read customers, how to read members of staff and having read them how to communicate with them far more effectively. Alan delivered a wealth of value to our conference. Alan really engaged our members. And I know that they went away knowing how to be better leaders and how to deliver better value to their clients”

Guy Thornycroft from the ‘Guy To Know’ and Institute of Management Consultants

“In an earlier career spanning the military police, a federal narcotics agency, and another discreet agency and now as a veteran executive and leadership coach, profiling people is a crucial action I had to master.

Consequently I’ve trained and become accredited in a range of profiling tools and I also became competent in assessing people by observing and listening to their communication, behaviour and emotional traits.

Recently I’ve been introduced to Alan Stevens’ method of profiling, where he profiled me.

I’ve done a lot of work on myself over the years and whilst I wasn’t surprised by the information Alan shared with me, I was astounded by the fact that he had such deep and accurate insights.

I recommend anyone who is keen to deepen their skills in relating to people and learning more about themselves, that they pursue Alan’s work and programs, just as I am doing.”

David Deane-Spread, Difficult People Specialist, and the Creator of the Attitudinal Competence Method, founder and CEO of Metattude

On behalf of the Victoria Police, Special Operations Group (S.O.G.), I wish to take this opportunity to formally express our gratitude for your outstanding and thought provoking presentation to the S.O.G. Your vast knowledge, credibility and experience in effectively leading and maintaining high performing teams came to the fore during your presentation.”

Geoff Alway, Superintendent Protective Security Division, Victoria Police.           

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for your contribution to our retreat. All participants enjoyed the theoretical sessions and widely appreciated the practical activities. They are still talking about how they enjoyed the interaction and participation and how much they have benefited from your coaching. Please accept my most sincere thanks for making our two day retreat a memorable one.”

Massimo Di Luca, Food and Beverage Manager, RACV City Club

“I’d have no hesitation in recommending Simon as a coach and trainer to anyone who wants to motivate their staff to reach their potential. The professionalism Simon brings to the relationship and his corporate understanding of our business is particularly outstanding.”

Nathan Murray, Managing Director, Morris Finance Ltd

“The sales team said it was the best seminar they had been to for a long, long time and they have started the week in a GREAT mood. Staff morale is the greatest challenge these days and this is the happiest I have seen this team in 12 months – so THANKS for organising the seminar for us and for being so REAL.”

Rosie Morehead, Sales, Advertising & Marketing Manager, First National Giles Jones

“Here at Fort Knox we strive to deliver excellence in customer satisfaction. Kevin [Kosky] was able to deliver some valuable techniques to take our team to the next level. His passion and enthusiasm for customer service is second to none. He delivered an action packed session high in energy and impact. Our team thoroughly enjoyed his training style and have taken away some new skills. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kevin if you are looking for a customer service and sales trainer.”

Julia West, Operations & HR Manager, Fort Knox Group Pty Ltd

“I am delighted to write this recommendation for Kevin [Kosky] and thank him for his training that he conducted at our Company. I first met Kevin when he was the appointed trainer for a Career transition training and development program run through the Government. Continental was so impressed with Kevin’s style and approach to training our employees that we engaged Kevin’s private consulting company to conduct further training. Kevin came on board and provided key strategic advice to our employees in order for them to succeed in the future. I would recommend Kevin to conduct training at all levels of the business. With his agile and hands on approach it would be a benefit to any organization.”

Prudence Betros, HR Manager, KPMG Australia

“We engaged Kevin [Kosky] to deliver presentation skills training for the Jeanswest team. Kevin’s outcome focused approach to the training enabled us to work in partnership and regularly measure the success of the program. Kevin’s lessons were practical and engaging while challenging participants to step outside of their comfort zones. We have seen an enormous improvement in not only the confidence, but the quality of presentations delivered from this audience. On a personal note, Kevin has been extremely easy to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their presentation techniques or communication skills.”

Amy Fletcher, Training Manager, Jeanswest Clothing

“Tanya has assisted me both professionally and personally, instilling a sense of clarity and calmness. It’s been empowering to work with her on my professional goals, creating a clear vision for my future and how to perform optimally on a day to day basis.”

Design Manager, Country Road Group

“I’ve been working with Tanya for approximately a year. During this time we’ve worked together to address stress as an overriding component of my life. It was and does filter into work, social and personal relationships. Tanya has allowed for and provides both a learning space and safe environment to unpack deep seated issues.

Once key discoveries are made together, I was exposed to a number of different techniques to build, learn and achieve a level of empowerment to breakthrough levels of understanding and control. I thank her deeply for her calm and caring approach and incredibly deep knowledge of energy healing.”

Personal Coaching Client

“Tanya’s self-empowerment retreat in the heavenly Blue Karma resort in Ubud was the perfect tonic to restore calm, energy and focus. Each morning and afternoon Tanya led our yoga practice in a glorious pavilion, where we also meditated and learned about the union of body, mind and spirit. It was a joy to connect with the other participants and there was a lot of laughter – so good for the soul! Tanya’s quiet strength and knowledge, acquired through her extensive yoga experience, makes her the perfect guide. The retreat inspires a commitment to integrating yoga and meditation into everyday life and to continuously strive to be the best possible version of one’s self.”

Romy, Bali Self-Empowerment Retreat Participant

‘Hi Tanya, Vikki and team. I just wanted to say I’m in awe of the [VITAlity] Festival program which you have put on, such great speakers and content. It is so appreciated and I have got so many practical tips over the past few days. No doubt it has been a great deal of work behind the scenes – it is so appreciated and thank you for lifting us all up!”

Jennifer, VITAlity Festival for Frontliners Attendee

“Tanya & Vikki – a BIG congratulations and thank you to you and all your team for organisation such a wonderful [VITAlity] festival. I was lucky enough to attend some of the sessions and I found them useful, fun and engaging! I am sure this was only possible because of your hard work, dedication, commitment and care for the health and wellbeing of our wider community, so thank you!”

Parisa, VITAlity Festival for Frontliners Attendee

“Collaborating with VITA VIBE Events has been nothing but inspirational.

In record time, during the 2020 pandemic, Tanya and Vikki pulled together the 9-day global VITAlity Festival that I was part of. The event brought together speakers from all over the world for an informative and uplifting conference that was an amazing initiative to be part of.

As one of the speakers, I experienced their professionalism, brilliant organisational skills and love for what they do, first-hand. From the moment I was approached to speak until the completion of the event the process and communication throughout was flawless.

I would recommend anyone to engage Tanya and Vikki from VITA VIBE Events if you are looking to create a transformational space for your teams working with the best in the industry.”

Renée Giarrusso, Founder & CEO RG Dynamics Pty Ltd

“I think the retreat surpassed my wildest imagination really…it was possibly one of the most wonderful things I have ever done for myself…it was almost life changing. I can’t imagine ever not having that experience again. There were so many elements of the retreat that made my heart sing… I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

Sarah Willmott, Owner – Retreat Me Happy/Feel Better Box

“I found the MeTreat Retreat to be the most relaxing, nourishing and grounding experience. Vikki and Tanya catered to everyone’s needs, allowing us to self care and regroup in a way that connected us to ourselves and others. The activities, practises and rituals provided, gave us the space to find clarity in what seems to be an overwhelming world at times.  We had plenty of opportunities to hold space for ourselves, rest and recuperate as well as experience the joy that comes from holding space for others. We shared in each other’s stories and unique gifts and took time to lift each other up in what can only be explained as the most loving and empowering experience. Think of all of that, sprinkled with wholesome food, wine and nature walks. I will be attending my second one for this year, to connect with divine humans which I have found to be the most enriching gift in life! “

Eloise Forster, Founder of MoodMantras Holistic Products and Services/Emergency Nurse at Alfred Health

“Thank you so much Vikki and Tanya for a fantastic weekend in Hepburn Springs. The long weekend was well organised, informative and combined the right amount of interactive and ‘me-time’ to rest and restore my spirit. The food and company was amazing and I felt really cared-for.  I have already recommended MeTreat to several of my friends. Thank you again. I look forward to attending many more events!”

Debbie Ho, Pfizer 

“To say that I LOVED the retreat I attended with MeTreat is an understatement! 

I was somewhat apprehensive! I am not used to ‘self care’. I am not used to thinking about me. Between running a business, taxiing kids around and life, things are pretty full on.

I am so glad I chose to invest in me! 

Tanya and Vikki do a magnificent job in every way possible! They attract amazing women! They spoil you like you have never been spoiled before. The activities were calm, reflective and filled with warmth.

I left the retreat with my cup overflowing and my energy recharged.

If you are thinking of attending, make the leap!! You will love it!”

Jenny Boymal Director Project Optimism and Educate to Elevate

Frequently Asked Questions

Today, almost 9 out of 10 employees are disengaged in the workplace because of a lack of trust for each other and those leading them. Our retreats are designed to turn that distrust into trust and support across all levels of the organisation. Taking your staff away on a retreat will show them that you are invested in their wellbeing and personal development. This will result in greater team cohesiveness and staff who are engaged, loyal and inspired. The retreat environment also supports stronger connections and a better understanding of each person’s strengths and points of motivation. This enables companies  to ensure that their staff  are in the most appropriate roles which will lead to elevated productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

Going away on a retreat is very different from bringing your team together to undertake in-house training. Retreats are transformational shared experiences. When your staff are away together on a retreat, they will be more relaxed and connected with each other, and will get to know each other better in a safe and different environment. They will have time away from family, their workplace, their normal routines and responsibilities to focus on themselves, what they are being taught and on sharing new and exciting retreat experiences with their colleagues. They will develop trust in each other and both give and receive support through the experiences they are sharing. On retreat downtime is just as important as the formal retreat schedule and is often a great time for your staff to reconnect and share with each other. Retreats also reduce the hierarchy that is often present in the workplace. All participants are on an even playing field and can get to know each other as people and not just their job position.

No – a great deal of research shows that a well organised and well run retreat can produce great outcomes for the workplace including: less stress, improved morale, better communication,  a more collaborative culture and time to reflect, which leads to renewed employee commitment. All of this then leads to greater productivity.

Elevated Performance Retreats was created to specifically address the fallout of the COVID pandemic. Whilst it has always been important to invest in your staff’s wellbeing –  the whole working landscape has changed dramatically in the past 18 months. Staff and teams have been physically disconnected and working through ongoing strange, stressful and unpredictable times. 

Elevated Performance Retreats are different because they are HOLISTIC retreats. Our retreats offer a crucial combination of the best in wellness practices, team building and corporate education. We think it is vital to physically bring your staff back together to share experiences in a safe and comfortable environment so that they can reconnect with themselves, each other and with your company’s values and culture.  

The main difference between our 3 different retreat types is the retreat length and amount of scheduled content provided. 

Our Immersion and Elevated Retreats are 4 days, 3 night retreats. Our Ultimate Retreat is a 5 day and 4 nights retreat.

All of our retreats offer a basic level of wellbeing and team building activities and 4 Core Workshops offered by The Fab 5 team.

Our Elevated and Ultimate Retreats offer the opportunity to include additional workshops, wellbeing and team building activities.

For detailed information on the format of each of our retreat types please click on the tabbed section on this page.

Yes! If you book our 4 night, 5 day Ultimate Corporate Retreat, there is additional time provided in the retreat schedule to include your company’s own training content if preferred. Alternatively, you can select from a number of additional Elevated Performance Retreats workshops and activities.

No. We work on providing a very balanced experience; time collaborating, time relaxing together and your own personal time so you best benefit from your retreat experience.

The price of our retreats include private accommodation with ensuite at one of our luxurious conference venues, personalised catering for all meals, all scheduled wellness/team building activities and Elevated Performance Retreats education workshops. Pricing will vary depending on the type of retreat chosen, the number of staff included and the chosen venue. We will discuss a retreat package that can be tailored to suit the needs and requirements of your company.

For our retreats to be most effective we do require for there to be a minimum and maximum number of attendees. 

Our minimum requirement is 20 participants and our maximum requirement is 40 participants.

Our retreats aim to focus on the reconnection and cohesiveness of the staff that are participating. In our view, it is preferable for participants to focus on themselves and fellow colleagues, rather than having to concentrate on or worry about their partners. 

However, as we offer a bespoke retreat service, we can organise for partners to be included on retreat if your company desires it and can offer a complimentary partner retreat schedule to suit your needs.

There are a range of staff configurations that you could send away on retreat that would best benefit your company. For example – you could send a group of leaders or upper management, an individual team or department, your whole company or a particular focus group. Each company is unique and has different needs. This is why we will work with you to decide which staff you should include and the best retreat schedule for your requirements.

We understand that safety and hygiene are on everyone’s minds right now. Our priority is to make your staff feel relaxed, safe and secure whilst they are away on retreat. 

We will ensure that all our retreat venues have the appropriate COVID Safety Plan and certifications and are thoroughly cleaned both prior to and during our stay. We use retreat venues that have plenty of breakout areas and will space ourselves out by the required 1.5 metres for all activities. We will ensure that room quota limits are adhered to and that hand sanitisers and bacterial handwash are readily available at all times.

Guests will be required to check in via the venue’s QR code and adhere to the current COVID-regulations as per the Victorian DHHS website prior to their stay. Mask rules and dining guidelines will be compliant with the restrictions of the day.

On arrival, all guests will have their temperatures checked with a non-contact thermometer as per the recommended health regulations. Any guest that has a temperature of 35.7° or above will not be permitted to attend the retreat. 

We request that guests do not attend the retreat if they have a fever, are sick, have returned from overseas or a COVID hotspot or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the 14 days before the retreat.

We will request that guests leave the retreat immediately if they have a fever or are feeling unwell during the weekend.

Take the next step today to discover how your company can thrive in a post-COVID world

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